Our Tiny Adventure

A little inspiration can go a long way and after Addo’s Head of Creative, Teresa Hookins, visited Bekonscot model village on a family weekend, inspiration came when she caught site of the smallest The Entertainer toy shop. The original The Entertainer store has been on Beaconsfield high street for 37 years and the miniature store has been at Bekonscot model village since 2000.

Over the past 18 years, The Entertainer stores have grown and been upgraded, but the smallest Entertainer toy shop has stood the test of time and touched the hearts of so many little visitors. This April will be the tiny toy shop’s 18th birthday so, to celebrate, the creative team at Addo decided to upgrade and refresh the entire fixture.

With agreement from Bekonscot model village, the Addo creative team set to work on bringing their inspirational toys from life-size to Lilliputian. The toys had to be reduced in size by 80%, which proved an exciting challenge for the creative team. 

Sarah Cook, Designer, said “I thoroughly enjoyed making all the tiny toys by hand. It allowed us, as a team, to experience creating toys on a very small scale. My favourite toy I handmade was the mini buckets of slime. Every detail is on there, including the tiny handle”. 

Andy Tarrant, Senior Designer said “We lovingly spent hours making each toy, painting, crafting and redecorating the toy shop”.

We hope that the work we have done will be an inspiration and bring joy to the many little visitors looking through the toy shop windows.