March 2021

Creating innovative, thoughtfully designed toys to support children’s learning and development through play is at the core of Early Learning Centre.

From Autumn-Winter 2021, all wooden items will be crafted from sustainably-sourced wood. With this change, ELC takes another step towards their environmental goals.

The premium, traditional toys in the Classic Wood range are just one of the ranges to see a change. ELC has launched a brand new Imagination range crafted from sustainable wood. Products include a fantastic Farm, a gorgeous Garage and a lovely selection of shopping & cooking playsets. AW21 will include the launch of a completely refreshed puzzle range, again all made using sustainably sourced wood.

Furthering their sustainability initiatives, ELC are launching a brand new capsule Eco Plastic range and Recycled Ocean Plush range announced for Autumn-Winter 2021. The “Eco Plastic” toys contain at least 50% recycled plastics & plant fibre composite. The super-soft, ocean-themed Baby Plush toys will be made from recycled PET bottles certified by the Global Recycle Standard.