The Way We Do Things

Joy of the Toy

At Addo Play, children are at the heart of everything we do.

Everyday in every way we genuinely care and put our love into each toy we create, from the biggest to the smallest. Through our passion for play, we also explore how each toy inspires every child.

To us, it’s about creating the joy of the toy.


Guided by our core values, at Addo Play we constantly challenge ourselves to find smarter ways of doing business. Ways that create a positive impact for society, helping build a safer, more sustainable world for generations of children to come.

Compliance management is an important part of the way we do business. We view corporate and social compliance as a continuous journey; a way to set standards, challenge our business approach and create learning opportunities, ensuring that each day is a chance to do better in the world.

Our team of compliance professionals have extensive toy industry expertise, ensuring that all our toys meet international quality, health, environmental, safety and social accountability standards for markets around the world.

Business ethics are important to us and we lead by example. Our vendor approval process includes regular factory visits and evaluations by our compliance team. Approved vendors are required to comply with our code of ethics and enforce all applicable laws and regulations relating to labour, worker health and safety, protection of the environment, corruption and consumer safety.

As our society innovates on the road to a more sustainable future, we will continue to play our part by improving the environmental effects of our consumer products, packaging and distribution. We are conscious that the choices we make must not cause unintended consequences or environmental harm. At Addo Play, we are ambitious to embed sustainable thinking at the heart of our decision making and strive to adopt new technologies and materials as viable alternatives.

Where sustainability is concerned, we believe there is always more that can be achieved!


We are mindful of the importance of sustainability which influences the way we do things.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to doing our bit for the environment.

Addo Play are committed to making the planet a better place for every child, future generations and the global communities we work with.

We create safe, trustworthy toys which are ethically sourced.


Addo Play Ltd. is part of TEAL Group Holdings, the parent company which owns all of the operating companies within The Entertainer Group. TEAL Group Holdings strongly believe that businesses can and should be a force for good.
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Being part of this wider group allows us to support children and charities in a much more meaningful way.
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